Hello and welcome to my little world, and the world of Beautiful Baby Box.

My name is Charlotte and I am the founder of Beautiful Baby Box. In this blog you will find out more about the business and about me and my journey.

I am currently launching a business, raising a two-year-old, growing a tiny human, renovating a house, looking after four chickens, eight alpacas, one cat, trying to be a good wife to Mr C and still getting to grips with life in the countryside. Luckily, I like to be busy!


My son William is currently two years old, before he was born Mr C and I had a fun life living in what we thought was a large flat in leafy west London. We both worked in the city and were happy running all over town working, seeing friends and making the most of what London had to offer. Then William arrive and everything changed. The flat we thought was big was suddenly very small and there was absolutely no room for any baby paraphernalia. The flat was up three flights of external stairs, so I couldn’t get the pram in or out of the flat. Before William came I thought we would keep the pram in the boot of the car but then the reality of carrying my new born baby down the stairs, down the road to the card park, putting the baby on the back seat or car seat once he had learnt to roll, getting the pram out of the boot, then getting the baby settled into the pram everyday hit me. Not to mention having to do it all in reverse when we got home, usually with bags of shopping and a baby who had fallen asleep so I could either wake my sleeping baby (never wake a sleeping baby they said on Friends) or I could sit in the car with the door open while the baby happily slept wrapped up warm in the pram (William was born in September so it was often freezing when I was doing this). After making it work for a year we decided that it was time for a change. We fell in love with a house in the Wiltshire countryside and decided to go for it.


We have been in the house for a year now and it feels like home. I still miss so many parts of London like all my wonderful friends who I don’t see as often as I like, having so many great shops on my door step and being able to walk everywhere but I don’t regret moving.

We are still renovating the house but William has a big bedroom all of his own that he won’t have to share when baby number 2 makes an appearance, he plays out in the garden everyday rain or shine, we go and collect the chicken eggs for breakfast every morning and most importantly we are all very happy.


Change can be a very scary thing but it can also be the most amazing thing.

If it feels right then make it happen.

Charlotte xx

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  • Laura Stephens

    Good for you. We have been in our 3 bed house for nearly a year and can appreciate the squeeze of a flat prior to this!


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