Charlotte Coleman


A little over year ago my husband and I, our son William and our cat Boris decided to embark on a new adventure. We were both tired of working long hours in the city and decided that London life was no longer working for us.

We purchased a rundown old cottage in Wiltshire and decided to jump head first into country life. We packed up our flat in London and moved down to our partially renovated house two weeks before Christmas in 2016. It was dark, cold and everything was covered in builder’s dust. Everyone thought we were mad and at that point I had to agree. Fast-forward 8 months and we have an almost finished house, a happy family, 4 chickens and 8 alpacas.

So now it was time to follow through on an idea I had shortly after giving birth to William in 2015. Before getting pregnant I had no inkling about just how much stuff there was out there for mums and babies. It was so overwhelming and hard to sift through to find stuff that fitted in with me, my life, my home and how I wanted to raise my child. I struggled to find companies who sold beautiful, stylish, traditional and well-made products.  After William was born I found myself constantly asking people ‘where did you get that’, ‘who made that’, ‘where can I get one’. What I needed was a place I could go to introduce me to all the amazing companies out there who are sometimes hard to find. This is how the idea for Beautiful Baby Box was born.

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