Trial Box


If you would like to find out more about us but don’t want to commit to a subscription just yet then this is the box for you. A one-off luxury box filled with hand selected items for you and your child to discover. If you love the box as much as we do then you can come back and subscribe to one of our packages. Each month there will be around five items in the box including a special treat for mum.



Inside Beautiful Baby Box: Inside your Beautiful Baby Box you will find all sorts of wonderful, hand selected items ranging from toys to nursery décor, clothing to feeding accessories, blankets to books, skin care to shoes. We all know how hard it can be being a mum sometimes so every month to celebrate what a wonderful job you are doing we will include a special present for you. This can range from home accessories to jewellery, skin care to sweet treats and anything else we find that we think you might like.

Making your box: Beautiful baby box is a family business and everything happens from our home in Wiltshire. All the boxes are lovingly hand packed from the barn overlooking our alpaca field. We choose every item because we love it or because it has been recommended to us by someone whose opinion we trust. We work with lots of amazing businesses, some small, some local, some run by mums, some run by families and some larger more well know businesses. We also have a very special network of mums and friends who are always letting us know about their latest brand or product discovery.


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